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Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches Review

2016 is going to be a big year for our family.  Let me paint a picture for you.  I’ll have one going into grade 2, one starting prep (kinder) and my youngest at 16 months starting 2 days of childcare.

Our mornings are going to be hectic and I find the best way to reduce the craziness is to be organised.

I’ve been sent a range of Sinchies products and I’m going to show you how I’ll use them with my kids

I've actually already been a long term user of Sinchies and when Elijah was a baby I’d make a huge puree of vegetables or fruit and then tip it into the 1 litre bag to pour it into smaller ones.  Then I pop them all in the freezer. Now he is 16 months and still loving his yoghurt in the pouches and it gives me time get other food ready such as cutting up fruit as he can use them all by himself!

The range of options to use sinchies is huge, here’s some examples from the sinchies website.

  • 80ml –  best suited for babies eating yoghurt, custard, rice pudding. Great on international flights with the 100ml liquid restriction!
  • 140ml – great for purees, yoghurt, smoothies, jelly, salad dressing, dips, storing 100 & 1000’s and herbs!
  • 200ml – perfect for milkshakes, soups, sauces, slurpies, marinades, jam
  • 500ml – the newest pouch!  Great for storing your smoothies, energy drinks, protein shakes, soups
  • 1 Litre – the best tool to help fill your other Sinchies! Also used for milks, stock, broth, soup, juices, a marinade bag
  • Pops – a reusable ice-block pouch! Fill them with your favourite juices, yoghurt, ice-cream mixes and freeze for a healthy homemade treat!
  • Sandwich Bags –  A reusable sandwich or glad type bag! Perfect for school and daycare lunchboxes and for storing & freezing a multitude of things! There are great as wet bags too!
  • Snack Bags –  A snack sized glad bag, that can be used over and over again! Perfect for school, daycare, lunch boxes and home these can be used to store all sorts in. From sultanas to cotton wool balls when travelling, the list is endless!

sinchies reusable food pouches

 Some ways I’ve been enjoying Sinchies is the following:

Breaky on the go:

My kids will be leaving earlier than usual for school, as they’ll travel with their dad who is a teacher.  The older two can handle a big breakfast but our youngest will need something again when we arrives at childcare.  I made some baby/toddler friendly bircher muesli and added in my son’s eczema pro biotic into it for him to have at the centre.  This was simply cooking fruit we have available in water on the stove with some oats, blending and then once cool stiring through some yoghurt.

This keeps chilled with a cold pack on the way to childcare and is easy and clean for him to eat when he gets there (which I’m sure his teachers appreciate!).

sinchies reusable food pouches

Kinder Crusader

My daughter loves avocado.  She’d easily eat one half a day.  I’ve blended avocado with yoghurt which I know she will love. It’s so ecomonical as I can buy a large tub of youghurt for around $5.

School Yard Smash Down

I don’t know if it’s just a boy thing but my son only wants to eat the smallest amount of food at lunchtime so he can spend time playing.  Food would often come home in his lunch box but he would be staving in the afternoons from not eating enough.  I’m hoping these food wraps with keep things fresh for him and more appealing to eat.

sinchies reusable food pouches sinchies reusable food pouches sinchies reusable food pouches

What I love:

  • That they are clear and can be washed thoroughly.  Especially in warmer climates bacteria can grow really quickly
  • They are dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Children can use them easily and independently and during the baby stage the puree's can be squeezed effortlessly onto the spoon and fed to them
  • That they are made by an Aussie mum
  • I can use them for a range different storage needs i.e salad dressing, sunscreen or tomato sauce at picnic, ready to go mixes for muffin and slices, icy pops and more
  • That they are economincal.  I can buy a large tub of youghrt and separate it into the pouches and have them ready in the fridge, so much cheaper and much less added sugar

TIP: If unsure which size to go for, go for the larger size and also grab some of the anti choke lids if you have little ones around.

sinchies reusable food pouches sinchies reusable food pouches sinchies reusable food pouches

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I highly recommend using Sinchies reusable pouches. It’s not only me that thinks they are great.  Sam has won an amazing number of awards for her business also.

 sinchies reusable food pouches

Elise Easdown, Mother to three little ones