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How the Globber Scooter Connected Me with my Kids 

Globber Scooter Review 

I didn’t want to be the kind of mum that was always just sitting and watching the kids play from the kitchen window.  I wanted my children to grow up remembering their mum as being the kind of parent that got involved, had a go and didn’t care if she looked a bit silly or too embarrassed to wear her swimwear. 

But as life got busier and busier and I found my time was spent more and more watching from the kitchen window while cooking dinner or with the baby breastfeeding and changing globber scooternappies. We fell into the pattern of dad doing all the ‘fun things’ aka active and outdoor playing with the kids while I quickly finished some work on my computer or went and did the grocery shopping.

And to be honest, I quite liked the break!  It wasn’t all bad but I could see that I wasn’t being active enough and I wasn’t setting a good example for my three kids.

Having the opportunity to review the Globber scooters was the perfect reminder I needed that this was happening and to my surprise, I found it an activity that was enjoyable to do. It’s kind on the joints and the pelvic floor, I could keep up with my kids and it was an outdoor activity. My kids loved it and it also kept us fit at the same time. Win, win!

We have loved riding the scooters around our house, along the bay, at parks and packing them in the car to take to the grandparents’ house.  It is truly is a family activity as the Globber range caters to all ages. Our toddler is obsessed with his scooter and my dad who is in his sixties is often the first one to initiate a ‘ride’ along with driveway with the kids.  I think it makes him feel young again!

My FREE Fold UP Scooter (Toddler Age Group)

Our son is only 2 and a half and he is a pro on the 3 wheel My FREE Fold UP scooter. This scooter allows him to manoeuvre, turn and scoot with ease due to the wide base of support that the 3 wheeled scooter gives. It is a great learning scooter and comes in a range of fun globber scootercolours such as red, sky blue, green and purple. It is tough and durable but with a smooth ride so he can scoot at his own pace but also try to keep up with his older siblings if he wishes. The braking system is lightweight and easy for him to brake without losing his balance.

My TOO fix up Scooter

My daughter who is 6 has a My TOO fix up in an eye catching titanium pink colour. It has a great non-slip grip and is easily adjustable T bar handle for when she gets taller. As the My TOO fix up only has two wheels she is free to move around gliding with ease. She loves to race her brother and it is a relief to know that she is on a quality product when she is zooming down the bike path.  A downside is that it does not fold down which would have been handy for travelling in the car.

Kleefer Scooter (Adult Scooter)

The final scooter we trialed was the Kleefer which is like the BMW of the scooter world. Built as solid as a German tank but with the smoothness of a European sports car, it is a very well thought out design. While it is built for comfort and speed it is a very safe scooter with two types of brakes (handlebar and back heel) as well as adjustable heights and a very cool kick stand which I wish was available on the other scooters. Another awesome feature is the easy globber scooterparking system with an easy to use folding system that occurs with the smallest kick to the large button. It certainly received a lot of attention while I was out and about scooting with the kids.  I heard comments from other parents trying to keep up with their kids on their scooters saying “I need to get myself one of those!” and a teenage couple walking by, the girl commenting how she was going to 'be like that mum' when she was older.

Globber Helmets

The helmets are a very cool design with a very easy and durable magnetic lock up system which once mastered is way better than the older clip system. They come in five different colours and three different sizes. Best of all they are of Australian standard and feel like they would really protect the heads of my children and also myself.

I would highly recommend Globber scooters for the whole family, while you might pay a bit more than other scooters in department stores, you are getting a very durable and safe product.

globber scooter

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The Globber Scooters were gifted but opinions and review are my own.

Elise Easdown, Owner What’s On 4