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Dyson Absolute V6 Review

I don’t think hubby and I have both been as excited about a household purchase together since our first baby stroller!

I must confess I actually don't mind vacuuming and am also a big Dyson fan. We did already have the Dyson barrel style vacuum and the handheld one but the idea of a long handled option was very appealing.  I still remember my OH&S training which covered back care for home and work and recall the physiotherapist talking about the injuries that happen to our backs while vacuuming over a period of time.  This unit makes complete sense as you can keep an upright posture while using it and being cordless make that so much easier.

dyson absolute v6

The Dyson Absolute V6 really didn’t disappoint.  It’s so easy to use and so effective that you don’t want to stop.  What starts off as a quick clean up under the kitchen bench at breakfast then turns into some dust in a corner or some sand over by the sliding door or quick run over the hallway.  It’s so easy you honestly just want to keep going!

The fact it can move from carpet to hardwood to other floor surfaces is what has me sold.  And like our handheld one, this device that effortlessly can turn into that as well for tight spaces.  So the two Dyson machines we do have can affectively be replaced by this one.

The parts:

dyson absolute v6

The filter is made to last for a life time and can be easily washed each month. What I really love is it light enough for the children to use also.  My 5 and 7 years old were both able to clean up under their chairs after meal times and play.  Especially kinetic sand.  Enough said.

dyson absolute v6

The suction is so strong and the machine so lightweight that is a dream to use.  The charging docking station is amazing and again easy to use and holds the other attachment pieces.  Isn't it nice when things just work?

The clear storage chamber means you can see everything that has been sucked up and retrieve the odd piece of Lego if needed.

We also found it great with the additional attachment for cleaning the car with kids and food and the grass that comes in from the park and sporting activities.

Dyson V6 Absolute uses patented 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones, a post motor filter and a sealed system to ensure that the air that leaves machine is cleaner than the air you breathe.


dyson absolute v6

Battery life is sufficient for 20min and then full charge takes about 2 hours. There is a push button to select power boost, which provides up to 6 minutes of higher suction for more difficult tasks, which I didn't actually have to use as it was sufficient as is.

Weight: 2.2 kg

Warranty: 2 year parts and labor warranty.

Price: $899.99


dyson absolute v6


We have become those friends that rave about about our vacuum cleaner when they come over to visit. We now know of three friends that have bought one after seeing ours in action.  They don’t even have kids but have pets and two of them were Uber drivers.  I'm just chuffed the kids can use it and although the price is up there it is something I use everyday.  It would also be great for eldery parents that have a small house or apartment.

Elise Easdown, Mum of three

Thank-you to Dyson Australia and Kids Business for giving me the opportunity to attend the Dyson event and receive a Dyson V6 absolute to review and enjoy.