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Activities 4 All

We are proud to be part of NFT charity Share the Dignity's new initiative Activities 4 All. 

Every day, in thousands of homes across Australia, children are exposed to domestic violence that will scar them for life. They hide in their bedrooms or, being too afraid to move, they watch on as their mothers are beaten by abusive partners. The children are often too frightened to tell anybody so the trauma festers inside them. At school, these children affected by domestic violence can be withdrawn and find it hard to make friendships or they can model themselves on the behaviour they’ve seen at home and physically hurt other children.  This, along with the lack of social skills that can result from their trauma, make it especially hard for them to experience positive relationships. 

They deserve to have the opportunity to realise their potential but in the very least they deserve to have some fun. Organised activities such as sports, music and camps can all help these children to develop new ways of relating to others which can then lead to better school outcomes – both in the classroom and in the playground. Children who feel valued and included would be less inclined to fight or withdraw at school. #activities4all aims to provide extracurricular activities for children who are in the process of recovery from long term exposure to domestic violence. By participating in healthy, positive, social activities where they feel cared for, means that traumatised children who have lived in abusive environments are given a ray of hope that their futures can still have a chance be as bright as can be.

All enquiries can be directed via email to a4a@sharethedignity.com.au